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The thrill of a track day can be enjoyed that much more knowing you are covered for any mishaps.

Track Day Insurance, the Goodwood Way

As your tires heat up the tarmac, the thrill of a track day can be enjoyed that much more knowing you are covered for any mishaps.

As a specialist insurance broker of classic racers, modified cars and any vehicle taking to the track, we should be able to get you a quote and cover.

Get coverage for any organised track day at Goodwood, or any other track event you are participating at within the UK, contact Goodwood Classic Solutions.

Our tailor made policies are available for drivers aged 23-69, with no prior track day experience required. We can even offer immediate quotes on modified cars, instant cover on vehicles up to £60,000 in value and tailored policies on vehicles up to £200,000 and higher on referral.

Call 01243 913333 to speak to our specialist team and quote ‘Goodwood Track day’ and one of our experts will get you a competitive, tailored quote for your vehicle or vehicles.

What does Track Day Cover provide?

Track Day Cover should be arranged before you hit the track in an organised track driving event or experience in your own vehicle. Although they’re not a requirement, a track day policy will cover your personal vehicle for the duration of your track day experience, so you’re properly covered should an accident occur.

This is strongly recommended because ordinary vehicle insurance policies will not be valid for events like track day driving experiences, which means that should you need to make a claim after a track day, you would be unable to do so on your normal car insurance policy.
If you do need to make a claim, all areas of your car which have been affected by an incident during your day at the racing track will be covered.

Do I need insurance for a track day?

Track day insurance is not a compulsory purchase to take part in an organised track day event. However, we would strongly recommend it.

Even though track day cover is not a requirement before you take part in an event, you’ll be joined by other drivers on the track with varying levels of experience, so it’s always wise to ensure you and your vehicle are properly covered in the event of an accident.
It’s also worth remembering that the owner of the track itself is not responsible for any damage caused to your car.

Are you a Member or Fellow of the GRRC? You’ll save up to 15% on vehicle insurance with Goodwood Classic Solutions.

Are you a Member or Fellow of the GRRC? You’ll save up to 15% on vehicle insurance with Goodwood Classic Solutions.

What does track day insurance not cover?

Whilst track day insurance will cover the costs for any areas of your car that have been affected by an incident on the track, it will not cover general wear and tear damage.

Also, track day insurance does not include third-party liability insurance coverage. This means that if someone else accidentally hits your vehicle, it is still your responsibility to pay for the damages.

In addition to this, track day insurance only applies to non-competitive track day events.

How much does track day insurance cost?

The cost of your track day car insurance varies depending on different features, including:

• The car group of your vehicle,
• Previous experience of track days,
• Previous track claims that you have made,
• Whether you are a member of the Association of Track Day Organisers (ATDO).

Your track day insurance is tailor-made for your individual needs and circumstances, just call to speak to one of our advisors and we will go through your options.

Track day insurance can be relatively cheap, while the cost of replacing your car is usually a lot more expensive.


Can I get track day cover if I have modifications?

If your car has been modified in any way to increase your car’s performance or cosmetic appeal, then please note that your track insurance premium might change, as these modifications are generally likely to cost more to repair. To ensure that you are covered, it is vital to tell us about any modifications on your car when speaking to us in regards to your track day cover. 

The tailor-made policies we offer can include:

• Instant cover by phone,
• Cover for modified vehicles,
• Instant cover of up to £60,000 value,
• Cover on vehicles up to £200,000 value available,
• Cover for vehicles valued at over £200,000 available on referral,
• Available for drivers aged 23 to 69,
• No previous track day experience required.

Conditions for getting Track Day cover:

• The Event is Non-Competitive (with the exceptions of Sprint, BTRDA AutoSolo or Hill Climb events where the insured car is the only car on the track),
• The track day organiser must hold valid public liability insurance,
• Experienced marshals must be in attendance throughout the event,
• Instruction is made available to participants, 
•Drivers must wear helmets,
• Pre-Event vehicle checks are carried out before the track day commences.

Minimum Recommended Pre-Event Vehicle Checks:

Whilst going around a circuit your car, including its mechanics, will be pushed to its limits. We therefore suggest the following checks are to be made prior to the event:

• Brakes – Check that the pads, discs and shoes are all in good condition and plenty of wear left and that the fluid is topped up,
• Tyres – Check with the manufacturers to ensure that they’re suitable for the event, along with the speed rating. Also ensure that the tyres are inflated to the correct pressures,
• Shock absorbers and Suspension – Check for any fractures or wear,
• Engine Oil – Check that this is topped up,
• Coolant – Check that this is topped up.

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Bespoke, affordable Classic Car Insurance you can trust, with Goodwood

Bespoke, affordable Classic Car Insurance you can trust, with Goodwood