Goodwood Classic Solutions: Why Choose Us?

Getting proper insurance cover can be a confusing and time-consuming process, especially if you’ve got rare, valuable, or unusual vehicles to protect. Fortunately, Goodwood Classic Solutions specialises in exceptional insurance for exceptional vehicles.

What is Goodwood Classic Solutions?

Part of the team behind huge motorsport events like Goodwood Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival, Goodwood Classic Solutions offers tailored vehicle insurance for classic cars, heavily modified vehicles, and track days.

We specialise in delivering unique insurance quotes from a range of trusted insurers, which will see your vehicle covered for what it truly is, taking into account its history, modifications, and other factors.

How does Goodwood Classic Solutions insurance work?

We take the details you give us about your vehicles and work with a handful of trusted insurance partners to bring you a choice selection of the best vehicle cover quotes available.

This allows you to pick and choose exactly what you need from your vehicle insurance policy, and helps you get incredible service at the right price.

Are you a Member or Fellow of the GRRC? You’ll save up to 15% on vehicle insurance with Goodwood Classic Solutions.

Are you a Member or Fellow of the GRRC? You’ll save up to 15% on vehicle insurance with Goodwood Classic Solutions.

What benefits does Goodwood Classic Solutions offer?

Benefits included with every policy

Every vehicle insurance policy from Goodwood Classic Solutions includes the following benefits as standard, for your convenience and peace of mind.

Windscreen Cover
Get up to £300 of cover for your windscreen and glass, in the event of breakage or significant damage.

Contents Cover
Rest assured that if your vehicle is affected by loss, fire or theft, your personal possessions are financially protected.

EU Driving Cover
We’re as passionate about travel as you are, which is why Goodwood Classic Solutions policies include cover in all EU countries and even further afield.

Key Care Insurance
If your keys are lost or stolen, you’ll be covered with Goodwood Classic Solutions. Every key attached to your fob will be replaced, and if you’re stranded due to the loss of keys, we’ll cover the transport costs of getting you home.

Legal Protection
Your Goodwood Classic Solutions policy includes legal protection, so you can claim for losses covered by you and your passengers, as well as get access to legal advice, in the event of an accident.

Personal Protection
Our vehicle insurance policies include personal protection, which means you’ll be able to claim up to a total of £20,000 if you’re injured in an accident.

Benefits available on request

Agreed value cover, as unique as your vehicle

We know that no two vehicles are alike, despite what the logbooks say, and your car’s history, modifications, and a host of other factors can dramatically affect its true value.

That’s why we work with you to create an agreed value policy which reflects the actual value of your vehicle. This means that, if the worst should happen, your policy would pay out an amount which matches the price you would get for your vehicle if you sold it.

Multicar discounts, to cover all your vehicles

You can save time and money with Goodwood Classic Solutions by speaking to our team about multicar policies. We can offer vehicle insurance for your classic cars, heavily modified vehicles, and track day cars, as well as your daily driver, family car, and any others.

We can also offer short-term policies which allow the renewal dates of your vehicles to synchronise, so you’ll only have to deal with car insurance once a year.

Insurance you can trust, with Goodwood

We put the same amount of care, attention, and excellence into getting you bespoke, affordable vehicle insurance through Goodwood Classic Solutions Insurance as we put into everything else here at Goodwood. This is vehicle insurance you can truly trust.

Save yourself time and money

At Goodwood Classic Solutions, we take the long and tedious comparison work out finding the best vehicle insurance policies. All you need to do is tell us about you and your vehicles, and we’ll speak with our trusted insurance providers to return you a selection of the best insurance quotes for you.

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Bespoke, affordable Classic Car Insurance you can trust, with Goodwood

Bespoke, affordable Classic Car Insurance you can trust, with Goodwood