Image of red modern supercars parked in paddock shelters at the Goodwood Motor Circuit under a GRRC sign

GCS Showcase at Supercar Sunday

GCS Showcase at Supercar Sunday

The team from Goodwood Classic Solutions will be at the Goodwood Breakfast Club’s Supercar Sunday this weekend, to talk with you about our new vehicle insurance offerings.

On Sunday 7 May 2023, you’ll be able to find Goodwood Classic Solutions at the back of the main track pits, opposite the food and drink area, from 7am until 12pm.

As well as knowledgeable and friendly members of the Goodwood Classic Solutions team, you’ll also find a handful of gorgeous classic and specialist cars alongside us at the meet.
This is a great opportunity for you to find out more about Goodwood’s latest vehicle insurance products, as well as taking a look at some stunning examples of some exceptional vehicles.

If you want to know more about Goodwood Classic Solutions before the Supercar Breakfast Club this weekend, then click here to learn more.

Here is some information about the four cars which will be joining us at the event:

We understand that every vehicle is unique, which is why our Agreed Valuation policies take the true value of your classic car into account.

We understand that every vehicle is unique, which is why our Agreed Valuation policies take the true value of your classic car into account.

1955 Porsche 356 Pre-A Speedster

The Porsche 356 combines engineering and power with sheer driving joy in a way which has often been mimicked but rarely reproduced.

First hitting the streets in 1952, the Porsche 356 is an iconic vehicle blending immediately recognisable styling with impressive performance which makes it as enjoyable to drive today as it was at launch.

Originally designed as an affordable sports car for the post-war American market, thanks to US importer Max Hoffmann persuading Porsche that there was indeed a market for it, the Porsche 356 Speedster was an immediate hit with the public, and quickly made its mark in the world of motorsports.

It’s popularity and status as a classic car icon has been cemented by famous owners such as James Dean, and appearances in countless films and television shows.


Goodwood Classic Solutions 1955 Porsche Pre-A 356 Speedster

Jaguar E-Type

A decade after the original Jaguar E-type arrived, the design progressively matured through 1971 with the introduction of the Series 3. Designed to showcase the new smooth and torquey 5.3-litre engine, originally developed for Le Mans, the Series 3 cars were available as a ‘Roadster’ (convertible) or a 2+2 Coupe.

The Series 3 is easily identifiable by its large cross-slatted front grille, flared wheel arches, wider tyres, a larger bonnet bulge, updated bumpers, four exhaust tips, and a badge on the rear that proclaims it to be a V12.

It also featured uprated brakes, power steering as standard, and a large horizontal scoop added to the underside of the bonnet to assist with cooling.

The interior was entirely new in the V12, with more comfortable seating, stylish new door panels and a smaller dished and leather-rimmed steering wheel.

Being slightly larger and altogether much softer in nature, the E-type in Series 3 form had lost the wildness of its youth but gained the long-legged touring profile, to which it was arguably better suited.


Goodwood Classic Solutions Jaguar E-Type

Ferrari TDF

The Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta, more commonly known as the ‘Tour de France’, is among the most significant Ferraris of them all for a plethora of reasons, not least the fact that without it, the immortal 250 GT ‘Short Wheelbase’ and GTO would never have seen the light of day.

This desperately beautiful Gran Turismo was designed by Pininfarina, that history-steeped engineer of elegance who managed to tread the line between delicate and imposing, and constructed by Scaglietti.

It’s dainty, delicate, and lip-smackingly delicious, yet retains the commanding and powerful presence typical of a 12-cylinder Ferrari.

Beneath that seemingly never-ending bonnet resides the bulletproof Colombo V12 in potent three-litre form, the engine that helped set the Ferrari 250 GT on course towards total domination of GT racing.


Goodwood Classic Solutions Ferrari TDF

Bentley 4 ½ Litre

In late 1927, Bentley enlarged their 3 Litre model to 4.5 litres, subsequently dominating endurance racing.

Financier and racing driver Woolf Barnato piloted a 4½ Litre to victory at the 1928 24 Hours of Le Mans with co-driver Bernard Rubin. The 4½ Litre was one of the most successful cars designed by Walter Owen Bentley and largely produced with the financial support of Woolf Barnato.

Bentley buyers used their cars for personal transport and arranged for their new chassis to be fitted with various body styles, mostly saloons or tourers. However, the publicity brought by their competition programme was invaluable for marketing Bentley’s cars.


Goodwood Classic Solutions Bentley 4 ½ Litre

If you’re at Goodwood Breakfast Club’s Supercar Sunday this weekend, make sure you drop by the Goodwood Classic Solutions stand by the main pit area to take a look at these incredible vehicles in person, and speak with our team about how you could benefit from getting your vehicle insurance with Goodwood Classic Solutions.

Images of vehicles are for illustrative purposes only.

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